About faculty

The Faculty of Catholic Theology is the only Lithuanian faculty approved by the Apostolic Congregation for Catholic Education in Vatican and awarding not just civil but ecclesiastical degrees. The studies here are attractive not only to future priests but to laity as well. The faculty welcomes students who hold Christian values or plan on working in the church or public organizations, solving socially relevant issues of morality, spirituality, ethics, responding to fundamental needs of a person, family and society.

The faculty accepts admissions to BA study programmes of Catholic Theology and Pedagogy of Religion. Students here can also pursue a Licentiate in Theology (study programme of Pastoral Theology) and a degree of Master of Religious Studies (study programme of Religious Education). For one semester, the students of the faculty can improve their knowledge at universities in countries of the EU and do Erasmus internship at an organization of their choice abroad.

First level students at the VMU Faculty of Catholic Theology are learning knowledge of philosophy and theology, getting to know Christian worldview, basics in psychology and educology. Master’s degree programmes of Family Research, Pastoral Theology and Religious Education allow the students to expand their knowledge on the doctrine of the Catholic Church, Christian anthropology and pastoral care, biblical sciences, psychology of marriage, Christian education, Theology of the Body, relationship between religion and science, adult education, etc.

In the Faculty of Catholic Theology, exceptional attention is given to the community life and the students’ pastoral care. Students are also provided opportunities to work as volunteers with Catholic organizations, youth and family centres, initiatives of New Evangelization, the radio station “Radio Maria”, etc. Various conferences, courses (“Alfa”, “Know Yourself”) and seminars are an excellent setting for the students to discuss religion and life and look for ample solutions to relevant problems.

Faculty In Brief


  • approx. 200 students
  • approx. 40 teachers and researcher fellows


  • Departments of Theology and Religious Studies
  • Centre of History of Lithuanian Catholic Church, Centre of Christian Education, Research center on Marriage and Family.

Exchange Oppurtunities

One-semester studies at the universities in Belgium, France, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands and Spain by Erasmus exchange programme and by VMU bilateral collaborative agreements. Students may gain practical experience by making use of Erasmus work placement program in enterprises and organisations in all EU countries as well as in Island, Norway, Lichtenstein, Turkey and Switzerland.

Student Activities